Introducing the
FC-50 Flight Console, Exclusively by FliteSim.com.

The FC-50, Paired with the CLS-60 Force Feedback Yoke Delivers an Unmatched Realistic Simulator Flying Experience.

Meticulously crafted from high-grade durable metal, this custom-designed flight console ensures a robust and enduring addition to any flight simulator setup, perfectly complementing the CLS-60 Force Feedback Yoke.

Designed for the discerning flight simulator enthusiast, the FC-50 offers a comprehensive suite of controls that brings single-engine aircraft operations to within easy reach and access. Whether you are a student pilot sharpening your skills, a licensed pilot maintaining your proficiency, or a flight school providing top-tier training, the FC-50 paired with the CLS-60 force feedback yoke delivers an unmatched realistic simulator flying experience.

Features of the FC-50 Flight Console include:

  • Battery Master & Alternator: Power up your aircraft with realistic on/off switches.
  • Avionics Master: Take command of your cockpit electronics with the flip of a switch.
  • Parking Brake & Engine Start: Secure your aircraft and start up the engine like a pro.
  • Carb Heat & Fuel Pump: Manage your engine’s efficiency and fuel flow with precision.
  • Pitot Heat & Beacon: Ensure accurate altitude and speed readings and enhance your visibility.
  • Landing, Taxi, Navigation, Strobe, and Panel Lights: Master external lighting to navigate and communicate effectively throughout your flights.
  • Alternate Air & Fuel Selector: Respond to changing flight conditions with controls designed for quick adaptations.
  • Cowl Flaps, Flaps & Gear: Control your aircraft’s aerodynamics for optimal performance.
  • Throttle, Propeller, Mixture: Manage your engine’s power and efficiency with realistic controls.
  • Hobbs Meter: Track your flight time accurately, just like a real pilot.
  • Freeze Button: Pause and resume your flight simulation session with the quick-access Freeze Button.

Launching in on Indiegogo with an attractive introductory offer of just USD1,995 (Normal price: USD2,495) (CLS-60 Yoke is not included), the FC-50 is the ultimate flight console for serious flight simulation. Take your flying proficiency to new heights with the FC-50 Flight Console. Experience the next level of flight simulation; prepare for takeoff!

FC-50 Technical Specifications

Power and Voltage: 24V, 232W

Dimensions: 684mm (L) x 434mm (W) x 182mm (H)

Weight: 18KG

Warranty: 1-year warranty, with the option to extend to an additional 3-year warranty

Software Compatibility: Microsoft Simulator 2020, X-Plane 11 & 12, and Prepar3D V4.5.11 and higher

FC-50 Dimensions (in mm)

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