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    Experience Unparalleled Realism in Flight Simulation - at an Affordable Price

    The CLS-60 from FliteSim.com is the World’s first modular force feedback (FFB) Control Loading System (CLS) yoke designed for flight simulation that will be priced for personal (non-commercial) use at $799 (USD) during the Indiegogo campaign (Normal price $999 (USD)). This pricing breakthrough is made possible through the fusion of relentless supply chain refinement and meticulous engineering. 

    Establishing a new gold standard in flight simulation hardware, the CLS-60 delivers unmatched quality and functionality at a price that’s accessible for serious flight simulator enthusiasts and student & licensed pilots alike.

    Constructed entirely from high-quality, durable metal, the CLS-60 boasts lasting durability and high reliability.  Designed to closely replicate the ground and flight forces experienced when flying a real Cessna 172 aircraft, the CLS-60 features two industry-leading innovations: a maximum pitch force of 60N (13.5lbs) and a realistic pitch travel of 165mm (complemented by a ±90° roll travel).

    At the heart of the CLS-60’s design philosophy is its modularity, a standout feature that distinguishes it in the market. For example, our soon-to-be-released CLS-120, which offers double the pitch force (120N) of its predecessor, will cater to the desires of simulation enthusiasts who seek a more authentic experience piloting larger turboprop (Pilatus PC12, TBM 800 & 900, King Air, C130, ATR-72 etc.) or turbofan aircraft like business and commercial jets.

    Good news for CLS-60 owners: upgrading to the CLS-120 (our 120N version) is a breeze. You can easily enhance your setup by self-installing the upgraded motor and board, guided by the instructions we provide. This means there’s no need to buy a brand new yoke. Plus, the CLS-60 is compatible with our soon-to-be-released FC-50 Flight Console, offering an even more realistic and immersive flight simulation experience.

    The CLS-60 isn’t just a tool for flight simulation; it’s an investment in an unparalleled, realistic flying experience. 

    Welcome aboard your next journey into the skies with the CLS-60 by FliteSim.com!