CLS-60 Force Feedback Yoke V2.1.7 UPDATE GUIDE

How to UPDATE FFBTools Software V2.1.6 to V2.1.7

To update from V2.1.6 to 2.1.7 simply download the V2.1.7 zip file, extract it and run FFBToolV2.1.7 application. You can delete V2.1.6 folder.

V2.1.7 Changelog:
- Added 'Landing Effect' Max force % option
- Set Default 'Landing Effect'to ENABLE and Max force to 100%
- Fixed 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' option bug
- Set Default 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' to ENABLE
- Added Jet option for Engine Effect. When ENABLED, RPM will read RPM/N1

V2.1.6 Changelog:
- Added Enable/Disable 'Landing Effect' option
- 'Landing Effect' will trigger on touch down on default and add-on airports
- 'Landing Effect' magnitude will vary depending on Vertical Speed
- Added Enable/Disable 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' option
- Map other FFB Yoke buttons for Trim Up/Trim Down command
- Map an FFB Yoke button to trigger MASTER yoke override when Yoke Synchronization is Enabled

NOTE: Latest FFBTools Version is V2.1.7 (as of 15 May 2024)


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