CLS-60 Force Feedback Yoke V2.2.1 UPDATE GUIDE

How to UPDATE FFBTools Software V2.1.6/2.1.7 to V2.2.1

To update from V2.1.6/2.1.7 simply download the V2.2.1b zip file, extract it and run FFBToolV2.1.7 application. You can delete V2.1.6/2.1.7 folder.

V2.2.1 Changelog:
- More stable
- Fixed minor bugs

V2.1.7 Changelog:
- Added 'Landing Effect' Max force % option
- Set Default 'Landing Effect'to ENABLE and Max force to 100%
- Fixed 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' option bug
- Set Default 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' to ENABLE
- Added Jet option for Engine Effect. When ENABLED, RPM will read RPM/N1

V2.1.6 Changelog:
- Added Enable/Disable 'Landing Effect' option
- 'Landing Effect' will trigger on touch down on default and add-on airports
- 'Landing Effect' magnitude will vary depending on Vertical Speed
- Added Enable/Disable 'Disable Hardware Trim on Ground' option
- Map other FFB Yoke buttons for Trim Up/Trim Down command
- Map an FFB Yoke button to trigger MASTER yoke override when Yoke Synchronization is Enabled

NOTE: Latest FFBTools Version is V2.2.1b (as of 29 May 2024)


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